Tamworth Family Support Service (TFSS)

A non-government, community organisation delivering mentoring, youth work and parenting services to students and families in Tamworth.

Who we are

Tamworth Family Support Service (TFSS) is a non-government, community based organisation that has been delivering services to families in Tamworth and surrounding areas for more than 30 years.

Where we operate

Tamworth, Armidale, Inverell, Tenterfield, Moree, Narrabri, Quirindi, Manilla, Werris Creek, Gunnedah, Barraba.

Who we can help

Primary students, secondary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, Schools for Specific Purposes and students with disability

What we do

Tamworth Family Support Service (TFSS) delivers mentoring, youth work and parenting services to students and families in Tamworth. We have more than 90 staff across all programs. TFSS provides services to men, women, children and young people.


We provide individual mentoring support matched with a qualified mentor. We aim to match the individual needs of the identified students and the relevant skills/knowledge of our extensive workforce. TFSS works with the student and school to provide innovative methods to support the student to remain engaged with school and the requirements of the curriculum. Our qualified youth workers work one-on-one with the students to identify and address barriers that may be stopping them from engagement in school, including domestic violence in the home, homelessness and other issues.

Costs: The cost for this service is $40 per hr plus travel costs @ $0.78 /km

Youth Work Services

Our individualised integrated case work strategies are implemented on a case by case scenario with the student, the school and relevant stakeholders. We aim to address issues and barriers to the student’s learning, engagement and/or attendance. Group work is also available including through the following programs:

  • Managing the Bull
    Six 90 minute sessions for children from 11 to 14 years, with options for nine years and up
  • Chillax-2
    Six 90 minute sessions for children from 8 to 12 years
  • Renegotiating Angry & Guilty Emotions (RAGE)
    Six one-hour sessions for young people from 11 to 17 years, with options for nine years up
  • Fun Friends and Friends for Life
    School-based or community based. These programs can be delivered universally or targeted to children at risk. Each program is tailored for the appropriate age group.
  • Young & Keen
    This program is aimed at young pregnant women and is open to school-age, pregnant mums and their partners or support people. Currently delivered through school terms via five 2-hour sessions
  • Feeling Fantastic
    A program for teens aged 11 to 17 years, with options to deliver from 9 years up. Can be delivered via three two-hour session or six one-hour sessions.

Costs: $40 per hour plus travel costs @ $0.78 /km.

Parenting services and support

We offer a range parenting support and group work programs and as well as individual case management support for parents and carers. Our programs include:

  • Healthy Home Happy Family
    Four to six sessions, two hours per session
  • Engaging Adolescence
    Four to six sessions, two hours per session
  • Triple P Positive Parenting Program
    This multi-level seminar series can be delivered in a community or school setting. Depending on the situation, the program can involve discussion groups, face-to-face or telephone intervention with a worker. It involves groups sessions of no more than 12 parents, phone counselling/catch-up sessions at home and individual counselling. It is delivered over ten 1-hour sessions and intensive support for families with complex concerns
  • Parents Under Pressure (PuP)
    PuP is a 12-module program delivered on a one-to-one basis in participants' homes by a PuP worker
  • Bringing Up Great Kids
    This 12-hour program is designed to be delivered in six, two-hour sessions but the delivery can be adapted
  • Incredible Years
    In these parent, teacher and child training programs, trained facilitators use video vignettes to  stimulate group discussions that focus on problem-solving and identifying trigger practices
  • 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching
    This involves three 2-hour group sessions with a maximum 25 participants.

Costs: $40 per hour which covers program delivery, preparation time and travel costs.

Contact details

Belinda Kotris



02 6763 2333

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