Smith Family

An independent children’s charity delivering mentoring, homework and tutorial programs for disadvantaged young people across Australia.

Who we are

The Smith Family is an Australian independent children’s charity focussed on improving educational outcomes for disadvantaged young Australians. The Smith Family works in partnership with families, schools, governments, community organisations, business, philanthropy and universities to improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged students. We take a place-based approach, and are in over 90 disadvantaged communities nationally, including 32 communities in NSW.

Who we can help

Primary students, secondary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Where we operate


What we do

Our Learning for Life scholarship program provides long-term, multi-focused support for over 46,000 financially disadvantaged students and drives strong attendance, school completion and post-school engagement in work or study outcomes. More than 20% of the children who participate in our school-based programs are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.


  • iTRACK online mentoring
    A program for high school students in Year 9 to 11. A volunteer mentor provides the student with encouragement, advice and guidance about workplace, study and career opportunities. Mentors are from our network of corporate partners and the broader community. Students and mentors communicate (online) over an 18-week period through a dedicated Smith Family chat room generally within the school during school hours. Approximately 15 participants per school.

Costs: $1485 per student participant.

    This program supports the development of fundamental technology skills for low SES primary students in Year 5 to 6. It includes educational content of varying levels based on the ICT Capabilities Curriculum, facilitators and high school student mentors help students with technological skills and an independent project. Weekly 90 minute after school sessions for eight weeks for approximately 12 to 15 participants per school.

Costs: $575 per student participant.

Work Inspiration
A business-led initiative that provides students in Year 9 to 12 with opportunities to experience the world of work firsthand in a meaningful and inspiring way. Delivery of three key work inspiration Insights at one or more employers' workplaces involving hands-on experiences, career conversations between students and staff and student reflections feedback. Over three school length days for 10 to 20 students.

Costs: $230 per student.

Homework and Tutorial Support Services

Learning Club
This program provides a safe and supportive out-of-school learning environment where primary or secondary students can participate in activities that develop their academic skills. The specific areas of focus for individual clubs are determined in consultation with the school community but are in any case curriculum-related and can include literacy, numeracy, digital skills or a focus on homework completion. Learning Club occurs in terms two and three each year. Primary or secondary students attend once or twice a week. It’s held in after school hours and either at the school or in a community setting. The Club is supported by volunteer tutors, often from the local community, who are screened, trained and supported by The Smith Family. The tutor to student ratio is from one-to-five up to one-to-eight, depending on needs.

Costs: $300 per student participant (min 15 students).

This program works by matching students who are assessed as being up to two years behind in their reading development with peer buddies (different school) who help and encourage them with their reading. Peer support is central to the program’s success. STUDENT2STUDENT is delivered via landlines, mobile phones and a customised digital platform. For students in Year 3 to 8 who are behind in their reading skills. Reading buddies with good literacy skills, who are at least two years older than the student, are recruited from other schools and trained by The Smith Family in the ‘Pause, Prompt, Praise’ reading support method to help the students. Each student and buddy receive an identical book pack. The reading buddy then telephones the student two to three times a week for at least 20 minutes, over an 18-week period.

Costs: $1000 per student participant.

Contact details

Fiona Coluccio

Ph. 02 9895 1201
M. 0466 499 025

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