The Shrink Company

A multi-disciplinary, mental health and early childhood development provider delivering mentoring, engagement and parenting services on the NSW North Coast.

Who we are

The Shrink Company is a specialist multi-disciplinary, mental health and early childhood development provider involved in assessments, interventions and training for children and adults.

Where we operate

Richmond Valley, Tweed Valley

Who we can help

Primary students, secondary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, refugee students, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse students, Schools for Specific Purposes, students with disability.

What we do

We operate a multi-disciplinary team comprising of psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses and behaviour support clinicians. We also collaborate with other allied health providers such as speech pathologists, occupational therapists, dietitians and exercise Physiologists. The Shrink Company is fully accredited to hospital, disability and commercial standards. Our practitioners undergo a rigorous credentialing process, with strong corporate and clinical governance oversight.


Our aim is to identify and engage with ‘at-risk’ children through early intervention. We also strive to create an avenue where children can be heard and understood before their situation escalates to involve disciplinary action. Our mentoring service develops the young person's character and provides a safe avenue where they can seek feedback about any concerning aspects of their lives. Our service is delivered face-to-face to both individuals and small groups, in the school setting. Our team includes registered psychologists who have training in behavioural support, early childhood intervention, and neuro-developmental disorders. Our target audience is anyone in school or school aged. A minimum duration of one term is recommended, based on weekly sessions of up to an hour. This can be one-to-one or in groups. The flexibility allows the young person being mentored the ability to be engaged in numerous different settings and situations.

Costs: $100 to $200 per session, one hour a week, ten weeks a term.

Engagement or Re-engagement

We can provide positive behaviour support to develop intervention plans for challenging behaviours, learning environments, external contributors such as family issues. Our positive behaviour support involves working with the individual child, parents and teachers.  We explore the reasons for disengagement including any psychological, developmental or social issues. Our program aims to address issues that are often not picked up through the healthcare system. Our assessments and quick diagnosis enables early intervention to prevent further regression. We have universal and targeted delivery for children with an identified developmental and/or other deficit and for children without any identified developmental and/or deficits. Our interventions and assessments are conducted face-to-face and can occur in school, at home or at our premises. They are completed by registered psychologists who have additional training in relevant areas. Specialist psychiatrists provide clinical oversight and can provide intervention if necessary. Time commitment vary widely but would be a minimum of one hour per week, for one term.

Costs: Costs vary depending on clinical need and whether assessments are required.

Youth Work

Our Youth Support Program targets mental health issues including substance abuse. Our aim is to facilitate engagement, establish a foundation from which the young people can draw on ethics, values and self-esteem. Early mental health intervention aims to address coping skills, build resilience, and facilitate emotional maturity to navigate life. We recognise that cultural influences may give Indigenous youths a slightly different approach to these issues and we observe these sensitivities. Our services are delivered in two ways:

  • targeted delivery for young people with an identified mental health issue
  • universal delivery for youth without any identified mental health issue.

Interventions and assessments are face-to-face, usually in a combination of settings such as school, home or our premises. This work is undertaken by registered psychologists, with additional training in behaviour and youth training and substance abuse. Specialist psychiatrists provide clinical oversight and can intervene if necessary. Time commitment would be a minimum of one hour per week for a term.

Costs: Between $100 to $200 depending on requirements.

Parenting Programs

We can provide support and education to help parents manage children with developmental disorders, behavioural or mental health issues due to intellectual disability, learning disorder, ASD, ADHD, or other mental health conditions. Our program is facilitated by a combination of psychologists, behavioural support clinicians, early childhood clinicians, and psychiatrists.  Our approach is multi-disciplinary with specialised input for depth and clarity. Delivery is both universal and targeted for:

  • intervention
  • mitigation
  • prevention through early intervention.

Our support can be delivered in individual or group settings, including whole of school and in a combination of settings such as school, home, or our premises. Time commitment would be approximately four hours per term, in blocks of one to two hours, depending on audience and delivery.

Costs: $1000 per term.

Other Student Engagement and Attendance Services

We provide cognitive capacity and intellect assessments to determine whether children identified by the school, have learning disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), intellectual disability and developmental delay. We can also develop interventions and alternative learning strategies for children with these conditions. Our aim is for rapid identification and early intervention. Our assessments are delivered in person either at the school, the child’s home or on our premises. Assessments usually involve comprehensive interviews with the child and significant family members, followed by objective, evidence-based, neuro-psychology assessment tools.

Costs: Depends on the scope of assessments and interventions. Contact us for details.


Tel: 07 5606 8700


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