Queanbeyan Enterprise Centre

A not-for-profit organisation providing mentoring, youth work and other services for young people in Queanbeyan, the South Coast and the Southern highlands.

Who we are

Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre (SRBEC) is a dynamic organisation with a long history of delivering a comprehensive range of educational and business services to regional NSW and ACT.

Where we operate

Queanbeyan, Snowy Mountains, South Coast, Goulburn, Mulwaree, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven

Who we can help

Primary students, secondary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

What we do

Our purpose is to generate employment opportunities and assist young people with their career and educational journey. We provide students with various learning opportunities which will improve their education, employment and life skills. Our programs aim to:

  • enhance development of students’ self-esteem, confidence and resilience
  • improve their ability to manage themselves
  • help them to develop a sense of purpose and broaden their aspirations for the future.


  • Community Mentoring Program
    A leadership development opportunity for young people keen to engage with and contribute to their community and develop their communication, team-work and decision-making skills. This program focuses on building confidence, leadership and self-esteem. Participants work together to design and deliver a project which will benefit their local community. The program is delivered by a locally based facilitator with youth worker qualifications, who mentors the students through the completion of their project and facilitates connections with other members of the community. At the end of the program a showcase event is held giving students an opportunity to present their project to teachers, parents and the community, and to receive acknowledgement for their achievements. This program is run for small groups of students, maximum of six. The program can be run for students from Year 6 to 10. The course is one to two hours a week, over two terms and delivered in school and/or offsite.

Costs: $8,000 per school, per project, per six months.

Youth work services

  • Pathways Planning
    An individual case management service to help schools support secondary school students who are at risk of leaving early. Our facilitators have experience and qualifications in case management and youth work. It is aimed at students from Year 7 to 12 and is tailored to each student. The time commitment, duration and location of the program can be tailored to individual circumstances. Issues covered include:
    • identifying career interests
    • developing pathway plans
    • building confidence and broadening career aspirations
    • identifying barriers to engagement in education and coordinating community support services that may be required
    • supporting re-engagement
    • negotiating access to relevant programs
    • coordinating with parents/carers
    • supporting transition to vocational training, employment or alternate education opportunities
    • brokering workplace learning, part-time or full-time work opportunities as relevant
    • building work readiness and skills for entry to training and employment
    • mentoring and monitoring progress throughout their transition.

Costs: $400 per day.

Other student engagement programs

  • Young Entrepreneurs
    A program for students from Year 7 to 12, who have an interest in entrepreneurship and business development. The program aims to engage students through enterprise-based project learning and to foster development of foundation skills. Participants create and manage their own business. They learn how to run a small business and develop skills in marketing, advertising, financials, media relations, stock control and workplace health and safety. Students also develop stronger connections within their local community. Profits are donated to a local charity of their choice. Group size is maximum of 10 students per group. The program is delivered by a locally-based program facilitator and business adviser. It runs over the whole school year and is delivered via two-hour weekly workshops at school and offsite. At the end of the program a showcase event is held for students, teachers, parents and members of the community. This gives students an opportunity to present their business journey, formally donate the profits to their chosen charity and to receive acknowledgement for their achievements.
  • Local Industry Facilitating Transition Opportunities for Futures  (LIFT OFF)
    LIFT OFF supports young people to develop a personal career pathway plan. It builds employability skills, resilience, confidence and connections; contributing to wellbeing and increasing student engagement and attendance. It is a targeted service for 'at risk'  students in Year 9 to 10 who have barriers to education, challenges with school attendance and achievement and/or socio-economic disadvantage. This program is limited to a maximum of 15 students per group and is delivered by a facilitator with Cert IV Career Development qualification. It's delivered over two school terms and includes 10 two-hour workshops. Topics include goal-setting, personal presentation, career exploration, pathway planning, employability and skills. The program also includes two full days, delivered off-site.

Costs: $10,000 per program

Contact details

Graham Baxter


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