Phoenix House Youth Services Inc

Community organisation providing mentoring, case management, parenting support, youth work, engagement and homework services across Sydney.

Who we are

Phoenix House has a proud 30-year record of working with and supporting young people at risk of disengaging from school and in need additional support and education.

Where we operate

Sydney: Northern Sydney, including North Sydney, Mosman, Willoughby, Ku-ring Gai, Hornsby, Ryde, Epping and Northern Beaches.

Who we can help

Secondary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse students.

What we do

Phoenix House provides alternative education pathways for disengaged and at risk young people, many of whom are affected by family breakdown, substance abuse, mental health issues, domestic violence and financial constraints. We provide early intervention programs and support services such as case-management and counselling. Over the past four years Phoenix House has developed various educational, vocational, resilience, life-skills and work skills programs. Our core team of qualified educators works closely with TAFE, various RTOs, schools and the community, including CALD representatives and migrants, on the design and delivery of our programs. All students in Phoenix House programs have case management and counselling support.

Case Management

Case management support are delivered by experienced and qualified youth development specialists. Our services are provided on identified needs basis, following an initial assessment by a Phoenix House staff member to young people who are aged 14 to 24 years. The aim of the service is to give young people and families the information, skills and resources they need to improve personal or family circumstances, change their behaviour and learn new skills. We can offer support with:

  • housing
  • work and study
  • family relationship matters
  • mental health and informal counselling
  • skill development community access
  • overcoming individual life challenges.

Case management sessions are conducted one-to-one and generally take an hour. They are conducted in a confidential space with minimum distraction. The process involves student engagement, needs assessment, person-centred case planning, ongoing case management, wrap-around support and referrals to additional support experts. Our staff are qualified professionals with degrees in social work or psychology and experience in community youth development, social services, community welfare and case management. They are supported by a client care-managers and receive regular professional supervision and case consultation. They all have valid police, working with children checks and first aid certifications.

Costs: One full-day per week is $430 and half-day cost per week is $225 for a youth development specialist (social worker) to be at a school. Students can also come to Phoenix House at Crows Nest and access these services at no charge.

Engagement or Re-engagement Services

  • Resourceful Adolescent Program (RAP)
    RAP is well-being and resilience program providing social and emotional skills training for 13 to 18 year olds. It takes a ‘positive psychology’ approach to prevent the development of future problems such as depression, disengagement and bullying, by promoting positive mental health in teenagers. It integrates resilience and life-skills and is delivered over one school term. The RAP program is delivered in schools by two youth development specialist facilitators using existing school facilities. The program is typically delivered in a classroom setting during school hours and involves a series of one-hour sessions over a 10 week period. CALD youth development specialists can assigned where there is a high concentration of CALD students.

Costs: $2,500 per program delivered over one term.

Homework and tutorial support

  • Homework Support
    Homework support on core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science is offered to young people who are still enrolled in school but may need extra support after school. Homework support is organised by Phoenix House and facilitated by university students who are specialised in their respective tutoring subject. Each tutor can have up to three students at a time. The location can be in the school, at Phoenix House or a public library, convenient location for both parties. Sessions run for 90 mins, one day a week during school term. Only core subjects are offered.

Costs: $30 per student per 1.5 hour session.

  • TESOL classes for CALD students
    These classes are aimed at student in the CALD community who would like to learn basic English. TESOL classes are run by a qualified trainer with a group of up to 15 students. They are held at Phoenix House or at School and run for one hour, once a week.

Costs: $250 per student per term. School delivery requires a minimum eight students.

Youth Work

  • Living Skills Program
    This program is for young people age 15 and above. It targets young people who are new to independent living or being away from direct parent / family support. The program is designed to help young people develop and sustain basic life skill sets, to assist them to transition successfully into adulthood, develop healthy habits and build good relationships. Living Skills program topics include:
    • looking after your space
    • expenses, budgeting and surviving on a limited income
    • basic cooking and food preparation
    • getting along and feeling safe
    • housing and tenancy information
    • keeping fit and healthy.

The program can be delivered at Phoenix House or in a school environment. In its current format the program is run over three full-days, during school holidays. Segments of the program can also be delivered based on the school’s and individual students’ needs, for example a three hour a week program can be delivered at school over a school term. The program is best delivered in smaller groups of 8 to 12 young people as there is a practical component where young people can practice skills like cooking, cleaning and role-playing. Facilitators are qualified youth development specialists with experience in delivering a wide variety of educational and psycho-social programs

Costs: To be negotiated

Parenting Support

  • Monthly Parents Network
    The Parents Network provides a supportive, informal learning environment where parents and carers of teens can share their concerns, experiences, and questions. Facilitated as either a monthly evening or series of sessions on a topic, this program offers mentoring on a range of topics such as boundary setting, communication, conflict resolution, development markers, and self-acceptance. it's delivered monthly, over two-hour sessions in the evening at Phoenix House. Parents who are registered receive communications with information on topics for the evening. An informal conversation is complimented with research-based topics of relevance to parents. Please check the website for the next session..

Cost: No charge.

  • Customised Parenting Workshops for parents with disengaged students.
    Parent workshops can be delivered in a community location near schools on request.

Costs: To be negotiated.

Other Student Engagement and Attendance Services

  • Transit Program

    This is an alternative education program for 15 to 16 year-old students who are at risk of not achieving their RoSA due to poor attendance or other factors. Through the Transit program they can achieve an equivalent Cert II qualification in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways that will allow them to move on to further courses or the world of work. The course is delivered with Macquarie Community College (MCC) trainers and co-facilitated with a qualified high school teacher from Phoenix House. It involves a small group of around 15 students, delivered over four days, five hours a day, for two terms. Two days a week at Phoenix House and two days a week at Chatswood MCC.

Costs: No charge

  • Wesley Mission Program - Certificate III Community Services
    This program is delivered with Wesley Mission and includes wrap-around support for students who are finding it difficult to engage in further study beyond Year 10 or a Cert II qualification. The program is delivered with a Wesley Vocational Institute trainer and co-facilitated with a Phoenix House TAFE qualified teacher. Small group of around 10 students delivered two days a week for two terms, with 20 to 40 hours of work placement in a community service centre. All training is delivered at Phoenix House.

Costs: No charge.

  • Study Support
    This program delivers online study in a supported environment for students in Year 10 to 12. This alternative education program is aimed at young people enrolled in distance and online education who need a safe, comfortable space to complete their work. It is supported by a qualified teacher and has access to case management and counselling. Works best with a small group of up to 12 students and is run at Phoenix House, three days a week.

Costs: Negotiable based on family circumstances.

  • Work Ready Program (ideal after-school or Links to Learning option)
    Phoenix House offers the Work Ready program to young people aged 15 and above. The program supports young people in getting ‘employment ready’, attaining work experience and sustaining employment. It focuses on building skills and confidence in young people as well as creating links to training and work providers in the community. Skills are developed include job preparation, resume development and interview practice. The program also provides practical support including the provision of suitable clothing for job interviews, access to printers and photocopying. The program has existing community connections with retail programs, hospitality programs, apprenticeship and training pathways and registrar training organisations. It can be delivered at Phoenix House or in a school environment. Key skills on the program are be taught in a group setting and reinforced with one-to-one mentoring and case management. Approximately 90 minutes a week, over a term.

Cost: $3,500 which includes group activities and one-to-one support for 8 to 12 students.

Contact details

Alex Boulatsakos

02 9437 00 77

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