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A not-for-profit organisation providing mentoring and engagement services for young people across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter.

Who we are

We are an organisation focused on the development of young people. We have been working with schools and industry since 2000. Our understanding of youth issues and community expectations are current and local.

Where we operate

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Lower Hunter, Maitland, Port Stephens, Upper Hunter.

Who we can help

Secondary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students, refugee students, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students, Schools for Specific Purposes, students with Disability

What we do

We deliver outcomes for young people, schools and industry on issues such as work placement, transition, careers and mentoring. We are focused on assessing youth sector needs in a region and working with young people to improve school retention and transition. Our success is built on engaging with industry, schools and local communities to ensure all young people, including those from marginalized groups, can achieve their goals.


  • Target Mentoring Service (TMS)
    This one year program supports Year 9 to 12 students by introducing them to potential careers and developing a personal career strategy built on industry engagement. TMS is conducted over three school terms, on school premises, and at times convenient to the student and school. Each student will receive six, one-hour sessions and five days of work experience. This format can be shortened if necessary.

Costs: $1450 per student, minimum of two students per school.

  • Leap Mentoring Service
    This program builds on career development programs delivered in schools by giving a hands-on approach to career development to students in Year 7 to 9. The service includes industry visits and guest speakers. Leap Mentoring Service targets small groups and is delivered on and off school premises. Time commitment is dependent on the planned activities but is generally between one and four hours.

Costs: $150 to $560 per student, minimum six students per school.

  • Boost Event Service
    This event promotes and encourages career aspirations in students. Our events offer an environment for students to come together and hear inspirational speakers who have completed higher education and are successfully employed. Boost Event Service can be targeted to small or large groups on school premises. The time commitment is one to two hours.

Costs:$1,635 to $3,270 per event.

  • iSee Work Experience
    This program targets 14 to 19 year olds in full-time education who want to learn more about an occupation or industry.

Costs: $165 per student.

Engagement or Re-engagement Services

  • My Future
    This program aims to broaden the experience of students who are disengaged from school or at risk of leaving early. My Future offers opportunities to develop life skills and enhance well-being, resilience and self-esteem. Although the program prepares participants for a successful transition to work, its underlying focus is all about reinforcing the importance of attending school and getting a quality education. The program is facilitated by a skilled program co-ordinator with broad experience in youth mentoring and industry engagement. Participants are supported by qualified teachers and administration staff. The program is open to schools seeking to fill one or more places and needs a minimum of 12 participants. They can come from different schools. The students are required to complete one six-hour day, every week, for nine weeks, plus a week of work experience. Students will attend a total of 13 school days. The program is conducted off school premises to ensure minimal distractions. This format can be adjusted to meet school and student requirements.

Costs: $2,920 per student with a minimum of 12 students per program. Students can be from several schools in local area. Work experience is included.

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