Coast Shelter

A not-for-profit charity which provides mentoring, youth work, engagement, parenting and other services on the NSW Central Coast.

Who we are

Coast Shelter is a not-for-profit charity based on the NSW Central Coast which provides accommodation and support programs for people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or escaping domestic and family violence.

Where we operate

Central Coast, Gosford, Wyong

Who we can help

Secondary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, refugee students, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse students, Schools for Specific Purposes and students with disability

What we do

Coast Shelter operate within a trauma-informed, strengths-based model to deliver flexible, co-designed and needs-based programming. Coast Shelter has adopted a trauma-informed approach to our service delivery. All our psycho-educational programs are co-designed with the young people. Our programs are respectful of our young people’s experiences and inner life. We aim to provide opportunities to our youth for developing critical thinking skills and problem solving by choosing activities that foster self-reflection, building capacity for self-agency through raised self-awareness and more skillful management of their emotions.


We provide specialist mentoring and case management to students identified by the school as being at risk of disengaging. Our mentoring aims to provide the strengths-based support, consistency and healthy attachment that students so often need to engage with their schooling. Our highly experienced adolescent development specialists use mentoring to help young people find the specialist services and practical goods they need for improved health and engagement outcomes. Our staff can meet with students at school, during school hours or offsite, out of school hours, if preferred. The time commitment needed to foster a good mentoring relationship is at least an hour per week.

Costs: $60 per hour

Engagement or Re-engagement Services

This course aims to facilitate alternative pathways for re-entry into education and training and/or employment for transitional young people with complex needs. It involves a combination of specialist individual learning plans, tutoring, brokerage services, career guidance, employment preparedness and adventure learning. Specific outcomes sought include:

  • improved levels of health and wellbeing
  • increased self-awareness and social self-esteem
  • reduced at risk behaviours
  • increased participation by young people in mainstream education systems
  • increased re-entry into alternate education and training projects
  • improved abilities to undertake job seeking
  • increased participation in the labour market
  • a love of learning.

This program is best delivered off site and runs three days per week for 12 weeks to a max group of 18 participants. It includes one week of assessment / referral and one week of evaluation. The course requires two youth workers, a teacher, an art therapist and a physical fitness trainer. Lunch is provided over the three days as a way to bring people together and make the group more cohesive.

Costs: The cost of the program is approximately $20,000 but would be formally worked out with the school.

Youth Work services

  • Rock and Water
    Provides young people and adults a pathway to self-awareness, and increased self-confidence and social functioning.
  • Shark Cage
    Aims to educate and empower young people with developing and strengthening their self-worth and personal boundaries based on a human rights framework.
  • The Living Skills
    Delivers knowledge and skills that help a young person transition into an early successful adulthood.
  • Rent It Keep It
    Equips participants with the skills and knowledge to obtain and sustain a private rental property.
  • Money Minded
    Developed by the ANZ bank to assist with money management skills.

Most of these groups are run over two or more sessions with at least two facilitators.  We work with schools to see what they want achieve with particular groups and aim to facilitate this. Coast Shelter is flexible and we have the means to transport young people to locations. Most sessions would need at least 80 minutes.

Costs: $60 per hour.

Parenting Programs

  • The Triple P program
    Develops healthy family relationships that help children to reach their full potential. Developed by the University of Queensland Parent and Family Support Centre, Triple P parent groups have been helping families in Australia and throughout the world for more than 30 years. Our staff facilitate three 90 minute sessions focused on developing a more confident parenting approach to dealing with common childhood behavioural issues. We can also deliver a more intensive two hour session to smaller groups keen to delve deeper into specific parenting issues.

Costs: Two facilitators at $60.00 per hour.

Other Student Engagement and Attendance Services

  • Love Bites
    Coast Shelter is the lead agency provider for the delivery of the Love Bites respectful relationships education programs. Designed by NAPCAN and implemented locally via integrated sector partnerships, Love Bites engages young people as key stakeholders in their own knowledge and skill development through interactive activity, discussion and creative art-based learning. Topics covered include: social media, bullying and harassment, seeking help, recognising abusive behaviour, understanding and challenging gender stereotypes and inequality, understanding consent and active bystander strategies. Trained facilitators can provide this program for the whole school or smaller groups. It can be delivered in school or off-site in youth friendly environments. Love Bites is for Year 10 and takes a full school day. Love Bites Junior runs one hour per week, for eight weeks.

Costs: $60 per hour.


David Nichols

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