CASPA Services Ltd

CASPA provides mentoring, engagement, youth work, parenting, homework and other services to young people and families on the NSW North Coast.

Who we are

CASPA Services Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of specialised care services for children, young people and families with complex needs. We also provide disability services. We have school teachers, youth workers, family workers and a team of highly specialised clinicians and therapists who provide accredited and evidence-based methods services. CASPA provides tailored and flexible supports to suit the individual needs of those we support.

Who we can help

Primary students, secondary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, refugee students, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse students, Schools for Specific Purposes, students with disability

Where we operate

Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Richmond Valley, Tweed Valley

What we do

CASPA provides therapeutic Out of Home Care, mentoring, clinical, education, and family support services to children, young people and their families. We also provide a range of family programs that include NDIS support, early intervention and family preservation services, parenting programs, education support and re-engagement services, mentoring, respite, school holiday programs, clinical interventions and therapy services.


CASPA have trained mentors who can deliver mentoring services to children and young people in the Coffs Harbour to Grafton and Richmond to Tweed areas. Mentoring is usually a one on one individually tailored service depending on the needs of the young person and the desired outcomes. Our mentoring program can be tailored to meet the needs of any child or young person. We aim to build self-esteem and confidence and provide behaviour support and management strategies.

Our mentors have a wide range of skills and training ranging from adventure camping to therapeutic groups and activities. Our highly skilled workers are available to support young people and their families during weekends, after school or any time that is suitable to the participant. Mentoring is aimed at building skills and self-esteem for the participants. All children and young people will have an individualised mentor plan to capture desired goals and outcomes.

All CASPA mentors are trained in a minimum of trauma, attachment and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI). Mentors usually conduct one on one sessions for school aged children and young people, but small groups and sibling sessions can be facilitated if required. Mentors are available to facilitate sessions in or out of school. Mentoring occurs in three hourly blocks, a minimum of once a week.

Costs: Mentoring hourly - $47.60; daily (six hours) - $271.33; weekly (five days) - $1285.26; term (ten weeks) - $12138.58. Travel is charged at 78 cents p/km. Costs are for individuals, groups of two or more will attract discounts.

Engagement or Re-engagement Services

The CASPA Education team have developed programs to appropriately support internal school-aged clients in times of transition, school refusal and suspension. These programs include a CASPA education support worker overseeing and liaising with schools and other stakeholders to provide pathways for the student to re-engage in an educational program or setting. All of our Education Support staff have tertiary level qualifications and have received training in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.

The aim of this service is to provide a positive learning environment and supported pathway into an educational program. To remodel positive learning environments and providing strategies for the student to increase their educational success and to reach their academic potential.

When a student has transitioned to a new or alternate education setting, the Education team have ensured school commitments remain consistent through individualised education sessions conducted from the CASPA Learning Centre. In times of school refusal or periods of suspension, our participants can continue their education at the CASPA Learning Centre; this is of particular benefit in the case of a long (20 day) suspension. Session times and appointments are tailored to suit the individual needs and interests of the student.

In the event that school work has been supplied from a school, the CASPA Education team liaise with Learning Support or Administration to ensure completed work is returned in a timely manner. The CASPA Education team support each young person at transition meetings and return from suspension meetings to ensure there are appropriate measures in place to promote a successful transition back to school.

Costs: School refusal, engagement or re-engagement hourly - $60.16; daily (six hours) - $342.92; weekly (five days) - $1624.36; term (ten weeks) - $15341.15. Travel is charged at 78 cents p/km. Costs are for individuals, groups of two or more will attract discounts, please enquire for more information

Homework and Tutorial Support Services

CASPA offers homework and tutorial supports to children and young people who require additional educational assistance. Our homework assistance program is mainly targeted to high school aged children, but the program can also be offered to primary school aged children if it will benefit them. By offering homework and tutorial support we aim to provide additional tailored learning to students whom may be struggling academically in particular areas.

CASPA Education Support staff work with the young person one on one and liaise with the care givers and schools to ensure that targeted learning areas are identified and educational outcomes are reached. Homework and tutorial services can be provided at our CASPA Education Centre in the young person’s home, on site at school or any other appropriate community-based location such as the library. Sessions run for one hour to maintain maximum concentration and productivity.

Costs: Homework hourly - $60.16; daily (six hours) - $342.92; weekly (five days) - $1624.36; term (ten weeks) - $15341.20. Travel is charged at 78 cents p/km. Costs are for individuals, groups of two or more will attract discounts, please ask for more information.

School Refusal Services

CASPA offers a targeted education program individualised to suit the enrolment and learning needs of each student. The CASPA Education Program is offered in Lismore and Coffs Harbour, at the CASPA Learning Centres. CASPA has extensive experience in working with reluctant students. All of our staff are fully trained and work well with children with trauma-based behaviours and emotional regulation challenges.

Costs: Hourly rate: $60.16. Day Rate: $342.92. Weekly Rate: $1624.36. Term Rate: $15,341.20. Please note the above rates are for single bookings only, groups of two or more will attract discounts. Please contact us with any questions.

Youth Work Services

CASPA offers a range of youth work support services and program delivery. CASPA operates through a collection of evidence based therapeutic approaches designed to meet the varied, complex and ever- changing needs of individual children, young people and adults. All interventions are developed upon the basis of individual assessment of need.

As part of our commitment to inspire people to thrive, especially in difficult times, we offer a range of programs that can assist clients to improve their quality of life. Programs and services are delivered either through group work or individual support.

Costs: Hourly rate: $47.60. Day Rate: $271.33. Weekly Rate: $1285.26. Term Rate: $12,138.58. Please note the above rates are for single bookings only, groups of two or more will attract discounts. Please contact for more information.

Parenting Programs

CASPA provides a number of targeted parenting programs throughout our region. We also offer service delivery in early intervention, family preservation and family support programs throughout our catchment area. All of our programs are designed through evidence-based research and align with our therapeutic framework. The aim of our family support services is to:

  • support families to have safe, happy and healthy lives
  • support families to stay together
  • provide strategies for parents who may be experiencing a range of challenges.

CASPA program delivery is overseen by our clinical team and in line with our therapeutic framework. Programs are delivered by our highly qualified family support staff, who assess each client or families need. All group work is delivered by qualified facilitators and endorsed by the CASPA clinical team.

Our programs include but are not limited to:

  • Nurtured Heart Approach
    Delivered in various formats ranging from a 1-hour Introduction to a 6-week Intensive the Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) works to awaken the greatness in ALL children. NHA promotes building Inner Wealth© in children, helping them make positive choices and use their intensity wisely.
  • Engaging Adolecents
    This three session parenting course is designed to provide parents and carers with skills to gain a new understanding of teenagers and strategies to help resolve problems. The course explores the emotional development of young people and provides strategies to enrich communication.
  • 1-2-3 Magic Emotion Coaching
    The course is run over three sessions and offers parents and carers insight into understanding challenging behaviours. The course introduces parents to the emotional development of their children and offers strategies to strengthen relationships and make parenting as enjoyable as possible. For parents and carers of children 2-12 yrs.
  • Bringing Up Great Bubs
    This course helps new parents discover the joy of tuning into your baby and young children with mindfulness and a greater insight into understanding their emotional development. Learn skills to build positive child-parent relationships, reduce parenting stress and to explore the joy and exhilaration of parenting.
  • Bringing Up Great Kids
    This course is offered over four sessions and explores how parenting with mindfulness makes us more self-aware and attuned to the needs of our children in a way that supports us to respond, rather than react, to our child’s behaviours. It also offers greater insight into understanding your child’s emotional development.

Costs: CASPA has office’s and meeting spaces for family work in Lismore, Casino and Coffs Harbour. Hourly rate: $60.16. Day Rate: $342.92. Weekly Rate: $1624.36. Term Rate: $15,341.20. Please note the above rates are for single bookings only, groups of two or more will attract discounts. Please contact us to enquire.

Other Student Engagement and Attendance Services

CASPA offers additional student engagement and attendance services.

  • The Work Readiness Program
    A targeted program individualised to the interests and skill set of each student. The Work Readiness Program is held in the CASPA Learning Centres in Lismore and Coffs Harbour and is target at young people aged 15 to 17. Services include:  education and vocational support i.e. assistance to enrol or obtain required certificates and licenses and tailored school to work transition program; employment skills, job search, applications, cover letters, resume writing, interviewing and workplace health and safety knowledge. The Work Readiness program is delivered by our Education Support staff whom have tertiary level qualifications including experienced and qualified Teachers. Includes transport to and from CASPA Learning Centre, if required.
  • The Outdoor Education Group
    A two-night therapeutic camp for small groups that draws on holistic and integrative systems of knowledge to engage young people in new ways of coping with stress and trauma. Groups of young people are guided by experienced adventure therapists in an active and engaging therapeutic outdoor recreation camp.
  • Rhythm to Recovery
    A social and emotional learning program using drumming and percussion as the platform. This is a simple, engaging and evidence-based program is designed for emotionally complex young people. It involves a series of highly engaging and accessible rhythmic exercises. No musical prowess is required!
  • The Photovoice Program
    This program use photography and sound media to explore salient issues that affect the lives of the participants. The Photovoice group gathers weekly with two trained group facilitators for a check in. They then venture to an agreed local location to collect sound bites and take photos that capture and express the participants lived experience. The young people are supported through the process to learn new ways of coping and new distress tolerance skills as well as connecting with peers in a safe environment. Photovoice blurs the boundaries of art and life and is a unique participatory and collaborative community art project as well as a personal inquiry. Where appropriate, participants may have the opportunity to participate in a tailored exhibition of their work.
  • Young Women's Group
    A special course for young women and those who identify as female. Gathering each week for 12 weeks, participants find themselves making meaningful, life-changing connections with both mentors and peers. With the guidance of a counsellor and in the context of a small safe group, young women explore some of the more difficult and unique issues they are likely to face. Topics are centered on psycho-educational tools, coping strategies, self-reflection and connecting with others. This group aims to educate and empower young women who may have had an experience of sexual assault or who are interested in exploring what a healthy relationship might look like. The course will end with an excursion and/or pamper day. The groups run on demand in Lismore and Casino areas.

Costs: Other supports: hourly - $60.16; daily (six hours) - $342.92; weekly (five days) - $1,624.36; term (ten weeks) - $15,341.20. Travel is charged at 78 cents p/km. Costs are for individuals, groups of two or more will attract discounts, please contact us for more information.


CASPA Education Manager:


Phone (02) 66 273728 or 0437 110 406

All other enquiries:

CASPA Administration

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