About prequalified providers

At a glance

Each page in the A - Z list of prequalified external service providers contains information from the providers outlining:

  • the range and type of services they offer
  • background information on the organisation and their services
  • where in NSW they operate
  • who they can help e.g. primary or secondary students, parents, teachers
  • indicative costs
  • contact details.

Panel of service providers

The department has established a panel of external service providers for student engagement and attendance services containing a list of prequalified providers who can help schools with student engagement and attendance.

To become prequalified and included on the panel each service provider was required to provide information about:

  • the types of services or programs offered, including recent experience and references
  • licences, accreditations or registrations held
  • qualifications and skills of key staff
  • insurance and Working with Children Check requirements

In addition, providers on the panel have agreed to comply with all relevant laws, regulations and departmental policies.

Support for schools

This resource has been designed to help reduce the administrative burden on schools and make it easier to identify and access quality wellbeing services. Each of the prequalified external organisations has provided a summary of the services they offer, making it easier for schools to find the right option. The webpage also includes information about how to engage a service provider including links to relevant contracts and guidelines.

Engaging an external service provider

Schools will be responsible for funding and managing engagements with providers, including negotiating all costs and other specifics. All engagements between schools and external service providers should be made in accordance with the Prequalification Scheme Agreement (DOC). Service Providers have agreed to these terms with the department.

Schools and service providers will simply need to fill out and sign a short ‘Order Form’ (DOC) to describe the essential details of the services to be provided.

Schools can continue to use providers who are not on the Scheme if they choose.

Providing feedback

To ensure the integrity of the Scheme going forward, schools who engage external providers are requested to provide feedback on the providers they engage.

Enquiries / Feedback

If you need advice and support in relation to engaging external service providers, or to provide feedback, please contact:

Louise Carey
Principal Project Manager,
02 7814 2912

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