Exercise your mood

Exercise your mood title page
Image: Exercise your mood. A Stage 5 PDHPE unit on resilience. Download unit using link below

Exercise your Mood is a Stage 5 integrated unit that allows students to consider current and future challenges faced by young people and examine a range of strengths and skills that will support them to manage and respond positively to these challenges.

The unit aims to focus on the concept of mental fitness and empower students to plan strategies to improve the mental fitness of their school community in order to support their own and others? wellbeing.

Students explore social norms associated with mental health and help-seeking behaviours and how these influence young people?s attitudes.

They learn how to recognise when someone they know needs help and have opportunities to plan, rehearse and evaluate ways to start a conversation and encourage action to support the wellbeing of others.

Use this link to download the Exercise your mood unit.

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