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Smiling Mind

Thanks to the generous investment of $2.4m from the NSW Department of Education and the Buildcorp Foundation, Smiling Mind has delivered its comprehensive whole-school mindfulness program to teachers in around 450 primary schools across NSW.

This dedicated initiative funded the provision of mindfulness training to NSW public primary schools between August 2019 and December 2020.

“A great tool for the wellbeing of our students and our teachers”

Mindfulness is a well-established and researched technique for achieving calmness and improved wellbeing. Clinical research shows that mindfulness leads to reduced stress, anxiety and depression, improved academic skills, social skills and self-esteem by developing emotion and behaviour regulation skills, improved attention and concentration.

"We are resourcing children to feel stronger in themselves, more independent generally and in their learning".

Regional communities

Smiling Mind continues to offer programs, resources and training to schools and others as part of its on going work in increasing mindfulness with young poeple. Visit its website for details on its Regional and Rural training initiative.

Smiling Mind School Program

Schools from across NSW are using the mindfulness techniques and lessons from the Smiling Mind Schools Program thanks to an online training model.

The Smiling Mind School Program is NESA-accredited, and NSW public schools accessed this training for free thanks to the joint funding arrangement.

“We are learning the tools to create the space between stimulus and response ... this is powerful”.

Whole-staff engagement

School 'champions' receive intensive detailed training over several weeks - called Mindful Champions.

Once a school’s Mindful Champions were trained, all school staff then recived a general induction that highlighted the benefits mindfulness offers students, and ensure all teachers and staff know how to implement the program across the school.

“We ask children to pay attention but don’t teach them how, this course shows teachers how to teach children how to pay attention”.

Ongoing support

Resources. Each school received Smiling Mind’s resources for teachers and families. These included a full set of the Mindfulness Curriculum, plus Student Journals for Years 1-6.

Learning modules: All teachers received access to three hours of Smiling Mind’s self-paced learning modules and interactive Q&A sessions.

Smiling Mind logo

Smiling Mind is available to take all questions and enquiries on the program and registrations via email on

PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Australia were engaged by Smiling Mind in March 2020 to design and deliver a process evaluation of Smiling Mind’s whole-school mindfulness-based social and emotional learning program (M-SEL program).

The purpose of this evaluation was to understand how effectively the program was implemented and to make recommendations for improvements to M-SEL program. It was also intended to further identify any emerging insights about the impact it has for teachers and students.

The evaluation was funded and enabled by the NSW Department of Education and the Buildcorp Foundation.

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