Module 3 – Seven essential features

There are 7 essential features (or components) included in this and the classroom systems training:

  • leadership
  • defining expected behaviour
  • teaching expected behaviour
  • encouraging expected behaviour
  • responding to problem behaviour
  • effective classroom practice
  • ongoing monitoring.

Once consistent school-wide systems and practices are embedded with explicit teaching and ongoing monitoring and evaluation, it is important to focus on classroom systems. Classrooms are unique spaces for the teacher and current students. Therefore, it is important that while using the fundamental school-wide systems and practices, teachers develop contextually relevant systems, practices, rules and routines for their students using data to inform decision making and adjusting as needed.

Download the Tier 1 school-wide overview (PDF 228KB) and Tier 1 Classroom systems of support (PDF 196.4KB) for more information on what is covered in classroom systems of support training.

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