Module 11 – Sustainability

This module identifies the most important perceived barriers and enablers regarding sustainability of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) school-wide positive behavioural interventions and supports.

Sustaining PBL

The most cited barriers were:

  • staff buy-in
  • resources, including time and money.

Enablers in sustaining school-wide PBL:

  • commitment of staff
  • principal support
  • relevant and current training for all
  • effective team systems and practices in place
  • embedded and efficient data practices.

Embed PBL to enhance sustainability through:

  • Strategic planning:
    • Ensure all aspects of PBL are documented in the strategic directions including the milestones.
  • Procedures development
    • School procedures reflect decisions to reinforce importance of the PBL framework.
  • Establish appropriate committees or working parties
    • Certain aspects can be done more efficiently by a team with final approval by the whole PBL team.

Consider ensuring success by:

  • providing an integrated continuum of behavioural and academic support for all students
  • developing, implementing and sustaining evidence-based practices
  • ensuring system-based approaches are simple and effective
  • communicating your baseline data and demonstrate improvements
  • building and refining simple, effective systems
  • creating sustainable systems.

Continuous improvement considerations:

  • are we doing what we said we would do?
  • are our efforts benefiting current students?
  • are our efforts supporting staff?
  • are our efforts supporting the community?
  • are our efforts an efficient use of resources?

Sustainable elements include:

  • high expectations
  • principal support and active leadership
  • committed staff and team that uses an action plan and is informed by current data
  • ongoing self-assessment and evaluation to determine achievements and set new goals
  • inclusion in the school plan and wellbeing procedures
  • regular communication with all stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement

Creating partnerships with anyone who is invested in the wellbeing and success of a school and its students is imperative. Stakeholders have a personal, professional and/or financial stake in the school and its students.

Creating partnerships with stakeholders is critical throughout implementation of across all 3 tiers. This engagement should be built around the concept that staff, students, families, and communities all have a shared vision for what learning and success should look like and how best to accomplish it.

Stakeholders include staff, parents, carers, families and community.

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