What is Positive Behaviour for Learning?

Positive behaviour for learning is a whole school approach to support the learning and wellbeing needs and outcomes of all students.

Positive behaviour for learning:

  • develops a positive, safe and supportive school climate in which students can learn and develop
  • involves the school community working together
  • empowers student voice through active participation
  • is a evidence and strengths based framework
  • provides a continuum of evidence-based interventions
  • integrates academic and behaviour initiatives
  • decreases reactive behaviour management
  • improves support for all students, particularly those with emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • is for all students, staff and community involved in school activities.

Outcomes for positive behaviour for learning:

  • systems that support teaching, learning and leading
  • learning environments that encourage pro-social behaviour
  • teach all students what’s expected of them
  • continuum of support for all students.
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