Problem solving processes

Focusing on student outcomes, what are the outcomes for the students using this intervention?

Image: Outcomes are facilitated through systems, practices and data.

  • What processes need to be in place for staff?
  • What capabilities need to be developed?

  • What data will you use to intervene early, select interventions and monit progress?

  • What are the evidence-based practices that will support students?

A crucial part of PBL implementation is the role of the school based PBL team using a problem-solving approach to support student learning and behaviour – systems and practices, with data driving decision making to improve outcomes. These are implemented and prioritised by the school.

The problem-solving process includes school-wide systems:

  • non-classroom settings
  • classroom settings
  • individual students
  • family and community


  • improve school climate
  • decrease reactive management
  • improve support for students with emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • integrate academic and behaviour initiatives
  • maximise academic achievement.
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