Student discipline

The department is committed to a positive approach to student discipline.

Principals are responsible for developing a school discipline policy in consultation with the school community. The policy must be evaluated and reviewed by the school community at least every three years.

The policy must include:

  • school rules as consistent with the Behaviour code for students
  • strategies and practices to promote positive behaviour, including specific strategies to maintain a climate of respect
  • strategies and practices to recognise and reinforce student achievement
  • strategies and practices to manage inappropriate student behaviour

The school discipline policy must:

  • be consistent with legislation and reflect government and departmental policy
  • incorporate the principles of procedural fairness
  • be developed within a strong student welfare context – see the Wellbeing Framework for Schools
  • reflect the identified needs of the community
  • grow from existing policies and practices
  • outline expected standards of behaviour
  • define the responsibilities of teachers, students and parents.

Consistent with the Education Act (1990) and Departmental policy, schools may develop additional components for their school discipline policy to meet local needs.


The Student Discipline in Government Schools Policy provides the framework for schools to develop a discipline policy.

The Student Discipline in Government Schools - Support Materials (PDF 760.87KB) offers guidance and a process for schools to review their discipline policy.

Sample evidence of policy implementation
(PDF 226.11KB)

Legal issues bulletins:

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