Policies and procedures

Student discipline in Government Schools Policy

The Department is committed to supporting a positive approach to student discipline. The Student Discipline in Government Schools Policy provides a framework for schools to develop a school discipline policy that suits the local context, in consultation with the school community.

Suspension and Expulsion of School Students - Procedures

Student suspension and expulsion are strategies schools can use within the context of student wellbeing and discipline policies. The Suspension and Expulsion of School Students - Procedures provides details of the process schools must follow when considering these options.

Bullying of Students - Prevention and Response Policy

The Bullying of Students - Prevention and Response Policy sets out the requirements for preventing and responding to student bullying in NSW government schools. In accordance with this policy, principals must ensure that the school implements an Anti-bullying Plan that is developed collaboratively with students, school staff, parents and carers.

Behaviour Code for Students

NSW public schools are committed to providing safe, supportive and responsive learning environments for everyone. We teach and model the behaviours we value in our students. The Behaviour Code for Students outlines the behaviour standards expected in all NSW public schools.

More information

Legal Issues Bulletins.

Short suspension checklist (PDF 213.77KB)

Long suspension checklist (PDF 194.86KB)

Fact sheet - School suspension (PDF 173.57KB).

Behaviour Code for Students: Information for parents and carers and students in many languages.

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