Information and policies

As part of the Student Behaviour Strategy, the Department is looking at ways that it can support student behaviour and schools more effectively.

It is crucial to be aware of any changes to policies and guidelines that effect students, staff and your school as some of these policies may be changing soon.

Policies and guidelines

  • Student Discipline in Government Schools Policy sets out the current procedures for behaviour management and discipline in schools. Documents found here include Guidelines for Time-out, the Behaviour Code for Students and other support materials. This policy, procedures and supporting documents are currently under review.
  • Bullying of Students – Prevention and Response Policy sets out the department’s position on student bullying and the requirements for preventing and responding to student bullying, including online bullying. This is also where you will find the Anti-bullying Plan, which each school is required to complete.
  • Legal Issues Bulletins assist department staff to understand a range of issues from a legal perspective. If you are in doubt about a particular issue, contact the relevant department found at the bottom of the page for further clarification.
  • The Policy Library contains all the current operational policies for the department. Many different policies intersect with behaviour support and management including enrolment and attendance, access and equity policies and health safety and wellbeing policies.
  • Part-day exemptions can be used as part of behaviour management transition plans. They should only be used as a short term (5 weeks) strategy. A part-day exemption can only be used if the parent/carer has been consulted with and agrees to it. A plan of support to return the student to school must be completed and sent via the local Learning and Wellbeing team to the Director for approval. Please refer to the Exemption from school procedures for further information.
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