School uniforms

The wearing of school uniforms by students helps builds self-confidence and a sense of connection with their community. It is important that school uniform requirements are developed in collaboration with the school community.

Principals are required to:

  • review and document school uniform or dress code requirements at least every five years and develop strategies for the wearing of school uniforms
  • ensure the school's uniform requirements are a result of formal consultation with students, teachers and parents or carers, including the Parents and Citizens' Association, local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and School Council where relevant. Ensure the consultation is appropriate to the school and based on participatory decision-making principles. The school's uniform requirements should be formally endorsed by the school community before implementation.
  • ensure the school's uniform requirements take into account the diverse nature of the student population of the school and do not disadvantage any student
  • oversee the shared responsibility for ensuring that students are encouraged to wear the school uniform that has been agreed to by the school community
  • ensure the school's uniform adheres to health and safety and anti-discrimination requirements
  • provide parents or carers with information about the school's uniform requirements.


School Uniform Policy


The School Uniforms in New South Wales Government Schools Guidelines (PDF 129.35KB) provides further information.

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