Module 10 – Effective classroom practice

Effective classroom practices results in a decrease in inappropriate behaviour, an increase in appropriate behaviour, engagement in learning and outcomes.

Tier 1 Classroom Systems of Support is a stand-alone course (link), it is important to introduce effective classroom practices as part of school-wide implementation. The 7 Essential Features of the school-wide Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) framework are seen in the overview below.

You can download the Tier 1 school-wide overview (PDF 228KB) and Tier 1 Classroom systems of support (PDF 196.4KB) for more information on the 7 essential features.

Effective classroom practices include:

  • environmental Management
  • creating positive learning environments.

Behaviour management (increase instructional time) includes:

  • classroom expectations
  • classroom procedures and routines
  • encouraging expected behaviours
  • responding to problem behaviours.

Instructional management (increase engaged time) includes:

  • active supervision
  • opportunities to respond
  • activity sequencing and choice
  • task difficulty.
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