The following is a list of terms referenced throughout the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) module.

Behaviour: the way in which a person acts or conducts themselves. All behaviour is a form of communication. 

  • Challenging: behaviours that threaten the safety of others.
  • Complex: behaviours that often have underlying factors impacting how a person behaves, for example, poor mental health. 
  • Of concern: behaviour that causes stress, worry or risk of harm to self or others. 

Continuum of support is instructional and intervention supports ranging from least intensive to highly individualised and intensive based on student need.

Consistency is always behaving or responding to behaviours the same way.

Environment includes physical surroundings and what happens before, during and after a behaviour occurs.

Problem solving process is a student-centred approach where teachers use data to inform decision making about systems and practices to enhance student behavioural, wellbeing and academic outcomes.

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