Continuum of behaviour, wellbeing and academic support

Positive behaviour for learning includes a multi-tiered system of support. Preventative, proactive whole school systems are developed for all students in all settings. Some students will need to access additional targeted groups supports, with a few students needing intensive individualised supports.

Image: Academic and behavioural systems

Tier 1 – Universal prevention

Universal prevention is the most important and powerful aspects of a whole school systems approach. Universal prevention focuses on preventing problems and enabling an environment that supports student learning and wellbeing.

Tier 2 – Targeted interventions

Some students, approximately 10-15 per cent, will respond to Tier 1 supports but will still need some additional targeted support. Tier 2 targeted support is designed to enhance and build upon what has been taught to students at the universal level.

Tier 3 – Intensive, individual interventions

A smaller group of students, approximately 1-5 per cent, may need more individualised and intensive supports, as well as the Tier 1 and Tier 2 supports. In many cases, the problem has become "chronic" as these students have experienced academic and behavioural difficulties over an extended period of time.
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