The care continuum includes interventions for:

  • all students - creating a safe and respectful learning environment

  • some students - providing early intervention and targeted support for students at risk of developing negative behaviours

  • a few students - supporting students with complex and challenging behaviour needs through intense, individual interventions.

The care continuum is a whole-school system that can assist schools to adopt a prevention-focused approach and help to address the full spectrum of student needs including:

  • prevention

  • early intervention

  • targeted intervention

  • individual intervention.

Schools provide this care for students through the delivery of programs, practices and services (interventions) by teachers, school staff and specialist staff across the continuum.

There are different entry points for each student depending on their level of need. An intervention can begin at prevention or at any other point across the continuum. The care continuum is designed to be used in both directions where it is relevant to the needs of the student or class. Some strategies may span across the continuum where relevant.

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