Teachers and school staff

The information in this section is designed to provide teachers, learning and support teams, learning and wellbeing staff and other staff supporting students with strategies and resources which can be used to support positive student outcomes.

In this section

The care continuum

Students may require different types of intervention delivered in different ways along a continuum of care - from prevention to intensive individual support to best meet their needs.

Understanding behaviour

Explore factors that influence behaviour and models of prevention, early intervention and targeted support to best meet the needs of schools and students.

Functional behaviour assessment (FBA)

Functional behaviour assessment (FBA) is a systematic approach that helps identify and understand the form, context and function of the behaviour.

Restorative practices

Restorative practice is a whole school teaching and learning approach that encourages behaviour that is supportive and respectful.

Planning behaviour support for individual students

Planning for behaviour support assists teachers to provide additional guidance to students with identified need.

Working with parents and the community

Working together with parents and the community as partners is fundamental to maintaining positive student behaviour in schools.

Classroom practice

Support for teachers to guide them with classroom management strategies.

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