Teachers and school staff

The information in this section is designed to provide teachers, learning and support teams, learning and wellbeing staff and other staff supporting students with strategies and resources which can be used to support positive student outcomes.

In this section

Classroom practice

Support for teachers to guide them with classroom management strategies.


Checklists and assessment support to help teachers make informed decisions to manage student behaviour.

Teacher self-reflection

Support for teachers to reflect on their student behaviour management strategies

Understanding behaviour

Explore factors that influence behaviour and models of prevention, early intervention and targeted support to best meet the needs of schools and students.

Positive behaviour

Key elements of effective behaviour programs, including whole-school approaches to support social and emotional wellbeing and positive behaviour.

Low-level disruptive behaviour

Teachers can promote student learning and positive behaviour by using classroom management approaches that are consistent, inclusive and supportive.

Challenging behaviour

Approaches and resources to support more difficult student behaviours, including bullying, aggression and violence.

Peer mediation

Peer mediation is one of the conflict resolution strategies available to schools.

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