The Allen Adventure app

The Allen Adventure app was developed by all Australian education authorities, working together to create safe and supportive school environments free from bullying, harassment and violence.

How do I download the app?

To download the app visit the app store for your device:


This app is a fun, interactive story about the new kid in class whose name is Allen. He’s an alien from another planet and wants to fit in and make friends, but he discovers it’s not always that easy! The app’s objective is to teach children social and emotional skills and how to identify and deal with inappropriate behaviour.

Read and sing along as Allen learns about how kids think and feel on Earth. There’s lots of fun ways for kids to interact and explore as they find out about joining in, sharing and managing their own feelings.

For young children, this app is a positive experience. It encourages pro-social behaviour and shows kids what to do if their classmates are mean. In this way, it can empower little kids and help prevent bullying.

The Allen Adventure is a great preparation for children in kindergarten and early school years.

It’s also for children 3 to 8 years (and aliens of all ages).

Bullying No Way Resources

The Bullying No Way site holds a number of lesson plans and classroom resources for teachers using the Allen Adventure App.

The Allen Adventure app flyer
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