The primary purpose of the Access, equity, excellence initiative at Coniston Public School was to build the confidence of staff, EAL/D students and parents/carers and to enable strong classroom participation and growth in EAL/D student outcomes. The focus was on teacher and whole school development.

An EAL/D specialist teacher was engaged to model EAL/D strategies, with the aim of increasing teacher confidence and practice in their classrooms. Whole school engagement with the EAL/D School Evaluation Framework identified priorities across the domains of Learning, Teaching and Leading aligned to Strategic direction 2: Evidence-informed practice in Coniston Public School’s 2018-2020 School Plan.

EAL/D learning progression phase data was used to identify priority stages of learning and classes. A survey was used to identify teacher self-reported confidence and knowledge of EAL/D strategies.

Anecdotal observations of parent engagement combined with language background other than English (LBOTE) data identified specific language groups that were not engaging with the school.

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