The EAL/D School Evaluation Framework has been implemented with the whole staff to identify the school’s next steps.

To capitalise on teacher confidence and their capacity to design integrated writing units that reflect the needs of EAL/D learners, the identified next step is to transfer this practice across all key learning areas (KLAs).

Ongoing professional learning will identify language and cultural demands across the curriculum. Personalised and targeted professional development will be provided to each teacher in the form of mentoring, co-teaching and co-planning. An observation tool informed by EAL/D research and pedagogy will be developed and used in reciprocal lesson reflections to identify professional goals.

To sustain relationships with culturally and linguistically diverse parents, the need to embed the use of interpreters within all home-school communication processes has been identified. This will involve professional learning for all staff on the use of translating and interpreting services, and school resources will be created to guide this process.

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