Coniston Public School has sustained significant growth in NAPLAN results for EAL/D students, bettering state averages and comparisons with similar school groups.

Student progress on the EAL/D learning progressions has shown high growth, with 96% of EAL/D students achieving expected or above expected growth.

EAL/D students are more confident and prepared to take risks with their language use, as noted in teacher observations and work samples.

The weekly EAL/D parent/carer workshops increased the capacity of parent/carers to connect with student learning, with the use of interpreters and assistive technology being key drivers. The parents/carers reported significantly increased confidence and self-worth when engaging with the school and developed positive relationships with staff members. Partnerships between the school and the parents/carers has been strengthened.

Leader and teacher engagement in pedagogical projects within and beyond the school has increased the capacity of all teachers to embed effective practices, resulting in improved internal results.

The extensive engagement of teachers with the EAL/D School Evaluation Framework has allowed them to pinpoint areas of focus and align resources, and this is reflected in significant growth across all domains.

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