The initiative began in 2018 when the school engaged a school learning support officer (SLSO), to work in collaboration with the local community support agency.

Relationships were built between the families and the local agencies with the school used as a common meeting place, so that families could feel more comfortable in a familiar and non-threatening environment. This enabled the school to build closer relationships with families and assist them to make appointments with services in the community and arrange support for families at times of need.

The school observed a significant increase in parents accessing services including paediatricians, through the implementation of a referral service that has resulted in more effective and informed transition programs to better prepare the students for success in the early years. The promotion of and access to external agencies has made it easier to address personal needs, for example, with better access to welfare and health services.

The opportunity to build upon this collaboration was extended by the school contributing to the funding of a school-based psychologist to work with individual students and families in providing therapy-based trauma support.

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