The Wellbeing hub initiative will continue in the 2021 - 2024 School Improvement Plan (SIP), within Strategic Direction 3: Personalised Pathways.

Established Improvement measures include:

  • decrease the proportion of students attending less than 80% of the time
  • increased student engagement in meaningful post school destinations including; University, TAFE or employment
  • 50% increase in the number of Aboriginal students attaining the HSC whilst maintaining their cultural identity.

Success criteria:

  • evidence-based wellbeing programs and assessment processes identify, monitor and review individual student learning needs
  • collaboration between parents, students and the community inform and support continuity of learning for all students at transition points
  • attendance data is regularly analysed and personalised approaches are utilised to improve attendance rates for all students
  • Aboriginal students feel a sense of pride, belonging and advocacy from the school in the achievement of goals through their personalised learning pathways.
School executive will conduct termly evaluations on student behaviour and attendance data, whilst the Quality Teaching team will evaluate the integration of differentiated strategies into teaching programs through our curriculum monitoring. Our Learning Support Team will evaluate student post school destination data, interagency support, Tell Them from Me and personal learning and support plans.
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