The intervention strategy provided targeted students with individualised support based on focus areas of their Personalised Learning and Support Plan (PLSP) goals for 2 hours per day, within in a small class setting. A specialist teacher and a School Learning Support Officer implemented each child's personalised learning and support plan. This included the establishment of target goals and interventions. Focus groups included Years 1-2 and Years 4-5 students.

An additional teacher was employed to assist with learning adjustments, observations of student behaviour, supporting parents to assist their children and to support engagement in education.

Students were identified through the BOXALL profile, a two-part assessment tool designed to track the progress of cognitive development and behavioural traits of children and young people through their education. The two-part checklist (completed by staff who know the student best), is quick and identifies the levels of skill the student possesses to access learning. The online assessment was easy to use, accessible and was completed to identify where students needed targeted support; including social and emotional focus areas.

Students who transitioned out at years end would be offered additional support the following year if needed.
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