In 2021 the Learning Hub has been integral to the incorporation of the COVID Intensive Learning Support Program groups. Professional learning has been delivered to teachers, particularly new teachers, across all faculties to improve their knowledge of what additional support the Learning Hub offers. Teachers are encouraged to actively use the hub as a learning and support resource for their students.

Use of the Learning Hub is beginning earlier, with teachers encouraged to use the resource as a proactive learning opportunity throughout the term rather than it being over utilised when assessment tasks are due or, at the end of the term in attempts to resolve N Awards.

Teachers are encouraged to work with students in the hub alongside specialist teachers to increase their capacity, particularly for early career teachers who work shoulder to shoulder in the hub to learn about differentiation and explicit teaching.

There are plans to establish dedicated Learning Hub classes to deliver explicit teaching in literacy, with a specific focus on providing support for individuals, small groups and Aboriginal targeted tutoring support.

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