Initially, students were engaged with the Learning Hub upon their return from suspension or from a lengthy absence from school. Students would work with a teacher or SLSO or in small group in order to compete missed work.

Teachers focused on explicit teaching to boost understanding and skills in literacy or numeracy, ensuring students could confidently return to class with strengthened fundamental skills, while also being up to date in their classwork. Students will continue to work in the hub for selected lessons in order to continue their development of literacy and numeracy skills and/or to gain explicit instruction to support breaking down the requirements of assessment tasks.

More recently, in addition to students being referred by executive or through the Learning Support Team, teachers can identify students who are at risk of not successfully completing assessment tasks and refer them to the Learning Support Team or engage them directly into the hub for additional support.

Students are also able to book themselves directly into the hub to gain additional support and address any difficulties they may be having with assessment tasks or general coursework.

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