In its first year of operation, the Learning Hub contributed to an 11% decrease in Non-compliance Warnings (N Warnings), based on internal school data. Although there was an increase in N warnings in 2020, this increase can be attributed to the severe disruption to learning routines by COVID-19. The Learning Hub has played a significant role in assisting students to meaningfully resolve these N Warnings in a supportive learning environment.

Numbers of students achieving in the top 2 bands in NAPLAN results are trending upwards, showing an increase in prior period comparison for both Reading (+1.38%) and Numeracy (+5.45%). Expected growth for reading is also trending upwards with an increase of 3.97% from prior period comparison. Doonside Technology High School is currently ‘Excelling’ in Value Added (years 7 – 9).

Attendance data is showing significant upward trends with a 4.31% increase over the last two years, while the number of students responding positively for wellbeing in the Tell Them From Me surveys has increased by 1.02%.

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