In 2020 (S1), Corrimal East PS had two executive interventionists, one working with K-2 and the other 3-6. They provided demonstration lessons, team teaching and lesson observations. In 2021, as a part of the School Improvement Plan (SIP), this was reduced to one executive interventionist who works in every classroom to give support as the ‘bump it up’ coordinator.

Our focus has shifted from improving teacher capacity to directly having an impact on student learning needs. Students are identified through internal and external data and classroom teacher recommendations. In semester 1, the focus was on writing and numeracy which will shift to reading and numeracy in semester 2. Students have been identified as reaching stage outcomes but with further intervention we aim to move them in to the top two bands and achieving above stage outcomes.

Through targeted intervention, professional learning and support from an Instructional Leader or executive interventionist we aim to bump up more students into the top two bands driving improved growth targets from Years 3 to 5.

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