The school community was involved in evaluations of the school plan, programs, student and parent satisfaction through TTFM through to future planning, led by the school executive.

Staff engaged in the analysis and evaluation of the results to determine areas of strength and those needing improvement. Data used included; school-based data, Scout, PLAN2 and school evaluations. These evaluation findings, coupled with CESE's research base on 'What Works Best', the school’s SEF–SaS and an intensive logic modelling process, formed the initial development of Bankstown West Public School’s strategic directions.

A whole school, integrated approach to data literacy was implemented to support teachers in developing a sound understanding of student assessment and data concepts.

The implementation of data informed practice contributed towards:

  • creating a learning environment that promoted persistence, self-motivation and confidence and ensuring emotional, social and academic success (with a focus on literacy and numeracy) for all students.
  • supported teachers through the provision of mentorship and collaboration, targeting improved teaching practices in order to improve student learning. Teacher analysis of student engagement, learning growth and outcome data was used to plan for the ongoing learning of each student.

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