The data informed practice initiative was implemented over the course of the 2018 – 2020 strategic school plan.

Activities included:

  • Initiation of a collaborative Data Team

Impact: Embedded collaborative practice enabled the collection, analysis and use of student data to improve student social, emotional and academic outcomes. Accessible documentation facilitated data driven decision-making and informed strategies for targeted student-centred learning interventions to maximise the effectiveness of school resources.

  • Consistent and timely collection of quality data

Impact: Collegial whole-school processes, based on consistent and reliable data collection, allowed teachers to make informed decisions to effectively identify and plan interventions and modify teaching practice to inform the next steps in student learning.

  • 1:1 support in analysing class data

Impact: Classroom teachers were supported to extract, analyse and interpret data to develop informed reflective teaching practices. This professional learning focus, created pedagogical dialogue amongst teachers and guided the next steps in student learning.

  • High expectations of success embedded within data frameworks

Impact: Student progress was analysed against school-wide performance standards, using colour coding to enhance visible impact. Data informed learning progress ensured every student is known, valued and supported at an individual level. Teachers implemented targeted interventions to ensure no student ‘falls behind’, while others were supported to extend their learning achievement ‘beyond’ stage expectations. High expectations, contributed to improved student achievement by at least 6 to 12 months, and guided teachers to focus on areas requiring differentiated learning.

  • Differentiated, 1:1 and whole school professional learning in data concepts

Impact: Teachers gained an understanding of data concepts (identified in professional standards) and were provided with time to collaboratively develop new learning interventions. Collegial support was provided to ensure improved practice was embedded into the teaching and learning cycle.

  • Data use in teaching

Impact: Teachers utilised assessment ‘of’, ‘as’ and ‘for’ learning to determine future teaching directions, monitor and assess student learning and reflect on teaching effectiveness.

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