• Instructional leadership funded through Early Action for Success at a cost of $172,000.
  • Two teachers were employed through equity funding to enable teacher release from class to work with instructional leaders at a cost of $224,000.
  • The principal support funding and equity funding was used to enable the principal to act in an instructional leader role through the employment of a part-time business manager at a cost of $68,000.
  • Training was provided for the whole staff and ongoing training provided for new staff members at a cost of $10,000 from professional learning funds.
  • Quality texts for use by students and teachers were purchased to support the initiative at a cost of $5,000 from literacy and numeracy initiative funds.

Total cost - approximately $479,000 per year

Funding sources used
Socio-economic background
Professional learning
Literacy and numeracy initiative
Early Action for Success (EAfS)
School support allocation (Principal support)
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