The initiative was delivered (and continues to be enhanced) over a timeframe of 3 years.

Writing was identified as an area of focus for the school and the initiative began with a small focus group of teachers and classes. After an initial pilot period, the initiative was then successfully scaled to provide whole school professional learning and K – 6 implementation over a 2-year period.

Whole school professional learning was delivered by external experts in the initiative's early stages. This was followed by the implementation and strategic delivery of differentiated professional learning by instructional leaders.

Time was provided in the school timetable for ‘Teaching as Partners’ (TAP) which enabled teachers to be released from face to face to work in small groups, or individually, with instructional leaders to examine data, determine class and teacher needs and plan effective sequences of learning which targeted identified student needs.

Time was allocated for shoulder to shoulder teaching in which instructional leaders modelled exemplary teaching practice. Explicit lessons were delivered and observational notes taken about where to next. Programs were reviewed and adjustments for improvement made based on goal reflection and assessment data.

Progress was monitored over time through the moderation of pre and post student work samples, reflection on teacher practice and confidence and the use of a beginning and end of year assessment where effect size was used to calculate growth.

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