Schools lifecycle support

Our mission

Schools are operationally ready and open on day 1 for students, staff, parents and their community, and are prepared to assist students achieve their best educational outcomes.

Our strategic objectives

Schools lifecycle support aims to assist schools transition between lifecycle stages so that school staff can focus on teaching, learning, and leadership.

We coordinate a broad network of existing support, services and initiatives across the department, helping schools find the right support at the right time.

We provide tactical end to end support to schools, whilst also effecting policy, process and systems improvements that enhance the lifecycle transition experience for all stakeholders.

Our core service

We support schools through the end to end journeys of establishing, transitioning and closing to ensure they are operationally ready from a student, staff, community and department perspective.

We do this by:

  • Customising our services to accommodate each school's unique needs and reducing their administrative burden.
  • Providing a high quality service that builds and maintains trusted relationships with school leaders, staff and department directorates/partners.

Supplementary services

  • Provide lifecycle transition planning services for schools.
  • Provide support for complex queries and help schools navigate support and services.
  • Coordinate specialist service providers.
  • Make strategic improvements to end to end processes and policies.
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