English language proficiency

The equity loading for English language proficiency (ELP) provides support for students at all 4 phases of English language learning – beginning, emerging, developing and consolidating. This equity loading is on page 6 of the School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR).

Need to know more?

Contact the EAL/D education coordinator on 02 7814 3727, the rural and regional EAL/D education advisor on 02 7814 3731 or your Director, Educational Leadership.

For more information, refer to the Multicultural education and English as an additional language or dialect webpages. Additional information can also be found on the Schools funding – English language proficiency webpage.

For more information about strategic planning for continual improvement, visit the 2021 School Excellence in Action webpage, Excellence for students learning English as an additional language or dialect.

Tracking expenditure against an individual work breakdown structure (WBS) or internal order (IO) is voluntary. If your school elects to track expenditure against WBS or IO, please use WBS – RSP/****50-17 RAM equity funding.

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