Student support officer (SSO)

The student support officers (SSO) staffing allocation is provided to schools to enhance the wellbeing and learning outcomes of their students.

The flexible funding for wellbeing services allocation ceased in July 2021 and has been replaced by a staffing allocation for a full-time ongoing student support officer (SSO) at identified schools.

The SSO allocation will be available in the 2022 SBAR Adjustments.

SSOs work in schools to enhance the wellbeing and learning outcomes of students. SSOs have diverse backgrounds with experience in working with young people to improve their wellbeing and mental health. They may have a diploma or higher qualification in social work, youth work or other related discipline such as community service.

SSOs work closely with the school counselling service and the school’s wellbeing team, and have a pivotal role working collaboratively with external and other government agencies in their support of students and their families.

An email with additional information has been sent to the principal of identified schools.

Use of funds

This allocation is for staff only and must be used for a student support officer.

Need to know more?

Contact the Student Wellbeing Coordinator on 7814 3009 or at

Refer to student support officer for further information.

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