External validation – teaching principals support

This funding allocation is provided to TP1 and TP2 schools to support teaching principals participating in external validation in the current year.

The funds provide four days casual relief with an aim to lessen the impact on school budgets and support teaching principals to engage in this important process.

External validation, a key component of the School Excellence cycle, supports principals work on continuous self assessment and the successful implementation of strategies to improve student outcomes.

Principals have the flexibility to decide how to best use these funds.

Schools may choose to use this allocation to:

  • provide release for the teaching principal to develop the submission
  • enable the teaching principal to prepare for external validation through attendance at network meetings delivered by Directors, Educational Leadership in collaboration with Principals, School Leadership
  • engage a colleague to assist in the preparation of the submission.

Need to know more?

Contact Strategic School Improvement at validation@det.nsw.edu.au.

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