Accident leave

Accident leave is managed by the Health and Safety directorate.

To ensure the processing of accident leave periods is performed as promptly as possible schools should:

  • ensure the employee has called 1800 811 523 and notified the incident and injury as soon as possible but within 24 hours in accordance with our policy
  • ensure all information requested by Allianz or the Health and Safety directorate's Claims and Administration Team has been actioned and submitted promptly so the claims administration process is not delayed
  • ensure a leave application on Employee Self Service via the SAP portal has been submitted for each period of leave taken
  • ensure relevant medical certificates have been provided to the Health and Safety directorate for each period of leave taken. This can be done by sending medical certificates to:

    GPO Box 35

    Sydney NSW 2001

Monitoring staff to ensure these essential actions are completed when required will mean all relevant information is received in a timely manner minimising unnecessary delays.

The Health and Safety directorate will work with Finance to reimburse schools for periods of leave where the reconciliation process has been completed.

If you have any questions regarding the process contact the Manager, Incident and Claims Support on 02 7814 1617.

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