2022 SBAR release webcast and webinar

2022 SBAR: Delivering funding certainty webcast

To launch the 2022 School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR), David Withey (Chief Operating Officer), Murat Dizdar (Deputy Secretary, School Performance South) and Leanne Nixon (Deputy Secretary, School Performance North) delivered a webcast to principals. The webcast acknowledges how far needs-based funding has come in nine years, and the responsiveness of the Resource Allocation Model to ensure funds go where they are needed most.

Please access a recording of the webcast below.

Delivering funding certainty in uncertain times.

Responses to some of the frequently asked questions during the webcast

The implementation of the new Assistant Principal, Curriculum and instruction will be in three phases.

  • If your school is in the first or second phase of roll out, you will receive Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Instruction staff entitlement in your 2022 SBAR. Your school may also receive flexible funding in the literacy and numeracy initiative funding for 2022 and 2023 as part of a moderation strategy. This flexible funding will be phased out after 2023. 
  • Schools in phase 2 will recruit in Term 1, 2022 with the new Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Instruction to enter on duty from the start of Term 2, 2022. As your school will receive full year funding in the 2022 SBAR, you can temporarily appoint an Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Instruction for Term 1, 2022 while the recruitment process is finalised. 
  • If your school is in the third phase of the roll out, you will receive Literacy and Numeracy intervention classroom teacher entitlement if you received an allocation in 2021, and flexible funding in literacy and numeracy initiative funding. These allocations will be phased out when your school receives your Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Instruction entitlement in 2023.
  • For schools receiving a literacy and numeracy intervention staffing allocation in 2022, it should be used to provide literacy and numeracy intervention to students in Kindergarten to Year 6 at risk of not meeting minimum standards.

Your school’s roll out phase and other details have been emailed directly to your school.

For more details please refer to the literacy and numeracy intervention and literacy and numeracy webpages.

The COVID ILSP taskforce team advises there has been no confirmation of an extension or new program for 2022. The 2021 funding was to be expended within the current financial year with unspent funds being returned to treasury. 

If there is any change to program funding processes or announcements of renewed or extended programs the taskforce will ensure communications are developed and distributed quickly in response to enquiries.

More information about the program can be found via this link or by contacting the COVID ILSP team on 1300 338 679.

The policy was developed with strong stakeholder engagement during the process. 

  • It’s about spending today’s funds on today’s cohort of students. 
  • 97% of 2022 funding is now included in the SBAR process. 
  • Many Term 4 budget adjustments have been shifted to Term 1.

At the end of the 2021 school year, schools:

  • automatically carry forward 3% of budget (floor amount $15,000 that is capped at $100,000) as per the Carry Forward (Schools) policy
  • can apply to carry forward funds if there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Schools won’t need to apply for an exceptional circumstances carry forward request if their needs for next year are within their auto allowance
  • There are approximately 300 schools with approved AMU projects not yet scheduled. No exceptional circumstances carry forward application is required for these schools. We will seek confirmation from individual schools on how much is from 6100 and manage the application to carry forward these funds for the school.
  • If accumulated balance exists, schools are to utilise this before making an application for exceptional circumstances carry forward.
  • When completing an exceptional circumstances carry forward application, explanation for the underspend and a solid plan to execute the spend in the next school year, aligned to School Improvement Plans, is required. 
  • Please make your application through your DEL who must endorse exceptional circumstances carry forward applications for them to proceed.

Please see the carry forward application and guidelines webpage for more information about the process.

The key dates for exceptional circumstances carry forward applications are:

Additional information can also be found on the Carry Forward Policy Schools webpage.  

The low level adjustment for disability funding provided for each school in the 2022 School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR) is based on the current 2021 allocation.

Specialist teacher allocations will remain the same to ensure stability in schools for 2022.

Schools have received separate communication from the Inclusion and Wellbeing team advising of their 2022 flexible allocation to support Strategic Improvement Planning for 2022.

Updated LLAD allocations will be visible in the 2022 SBAR Adjustments.

2022 SBAR release information webinars

The Strategic Schools Resourcing team delivers information presentations for principals and school leaders, providing an overview of what’s new in the 2022 School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR) and the support available, including professional learning opportunities.

Please access a recording of the webinar below.

2022 School Budget Allocation Report release webinar
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