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The following resources have been developed to assist school leaders to strategically and effectively plan and align school resources to initiatives that improve student outcomes, including the effective use of needs-based funding.

School resources – looking in, out, forward

An activity using prompting questions to guide schools to critically reflect on resourcing practices. Completing this activity will assist school leaders to consider the questions: where are we now? How good can we be? Where do we want to be?

Download the ‘School resources – looking in, out, forward’ PDF (79kb)

SBAR to School Improvement Plan (SIP) reference table

The SBAR to SIP reference table provides a simple overview of budget allocation planning and reporting accountabilities. The table will support you to determine the most appropriate places to align your resources within your SIP to ensure impact on student outcomes.

Accountability for the effective use of needs-based funding must extend beyond reporting financial expenditure to include evaluation of the impact on student learning.

Download the ‘SBAR to SIP reference table’ PDF (109kb)

Effective resourcing for implementation and progress monitoring reflection

A set of reflective questions for school leaders to consider when developing and resourcing the initiatives and implementation activities in their SIP. When completing the resources column of the implementation and progress monitoring, schools should include:

  • What resources are required to implement this activity/initiative?
  • What is the breakdown and total cost of the required resources?
  • Where will funding and resources come from?

Download the ‘Resourcing implementation and progress monitoring reflection’ PDF (120kb)

Common categories of resources table

Schools will identify the level of resource contribution required from funding sources toward each activity in the implementation and progress monitoring table. This will provide an outline of the true cost of implementing an initiative allowing for a more authentic evaluation of the impact.

The categories of resources table provides an overview of commonly used resources and how they are funded in a SIP.

Download the ‘Common categories of resources table’ PDF (123kb)

SIP resourcing health check

The SIP resourcing health check outlines seven steps that can be followed to ensure your school’s resources are effectively aligned to initiatives in the SIP to improve student learning and wellbeing outcomes.

Download the ‘SIP resourcing health check’ PDF (417kb)

SIP annual reflection – resourcing reflection

Schools evaluate and reflect on the impact of initiatives each year against annual progress measure/s. This provides the opportunity for programs and activities to be adjusted (as required) to ensure the achievement of the four-year improvement measures. The purpose of evaluation is not to prove what was done but to inform what to do next.

These considerations should also be viewed through a resourcing lens as an implication of the evaluation findings. The reflection questions contained in this resource will assist in evaluating your SIP progress through a resourcing lens.

Download the ‘SIP annual reflection – resourcing reflection’ PDF (78kb)

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