Schools for Specific Purposes quality teaching support

What is it?

An additional FTE allocation to Schools for Specific Purposes (SSPs) to provide additional quality teaching support. This is provided to schools on the basis of notional enrolments. The notional enrolment in an SSP setting is the number of classes multiplied by 30, e.g. 10 classes results in a notional enrolment of 300 students.

How much is it?

Total 2020 funding of $7.4 million to provide quality teaching support in SSPs is based on each school's 2019 notional enrolments.

How is the allocation determined?

School allocations for quality teaching support are determined on the basis of notional enrolments.

How can schools spend it?

Principals working in consultation with staff and the local school community can determine the strategic allocation of resources to best meet the needs of their students. Some support may be for the entire school, and some may be for particular groups.

For further information regarding this allocation please contact EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 and select 1 for SAP Finance and Business Services.

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