School support allocation (Principal Support) (staff only)

What is it?

NSW public schools continue to receive additional funding in 2020 to support the completion of administrative tasks and enable principals to focus on leading teaching and learning rather than administration.

How much has been allocated to support schools?

$51.4 million has been allocated to increase administrative support in schools across NSW, as part of the School Leadership Strategy.

How is the allocation determined for each school?

Funding of the allocation is a reflection that schools across NSW vary in size and administrative workloads. Schools receive the allocation on a per capita basis with a minimum allocation of $11,960.

This interim administrative support is available to all schools, with the exception of Norfolk Island Central School. Funding is advised to each school through their School Budget Allocation Report as a line item under ‘Initiative Funding’.

How can the funding be used to enable better support for school leaders?

Schools can use this funding to provide additional administrative support but have discretion as to what administrative support is engaged. Providing this funding in a flexible way recognises the different needs and administrative workloads across schools. This permits schools to utilise this allocation in the way that is most effective in their context.

Use of these funds to engage staff must be consistent with all relevant industrial agreements, legislative requirements, departmental policies, procedures and guidelines. Where schools engage contractors against additional support funds this arrangement must also be consistent with the department’s procurement guidelines.

For further information regarding this allocation please contact EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 and select 1 for SAP Finance and Business Services.

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