Winter Skills

After last year’s lockdown, 2021 will be a massive ski season. The NSW Government is helping operators by offering fee-free courses under NSW JobTrainer.

The Winter Skills program could be right for you

Be job ready

Get training in specialised fields so you can work on the snow slopes this winter.

Fee-free courses to expand your skills

Take courses in areas such as hospitality, tourism, health, construction and administration that you can use in other industries.

Bumper ski season in 2021

With fewer international workers and many skiers unable to travel overseas, this year’s ski season will be huge.

Flexible work and a fabulous lifestyle

Will and Bronte both love the snow. They work at the same resort in the Snowy Mountains and each are taking up the free Winter Skills Training offered by the NSW Government. Bronte is learning a barista course and Will is studying infection control.

B&W: We like the flexible work that the industry offers. It allows us the time and opportunity to go snowboarding here in the mountains and to travel and catch up with friends.
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