Why apply for the NSW Training Awards?

Do you have what it takes? Put yourself forward for a NSW Training Award and challenge yourself to reach new heights.

The NSW Training Awards celebrate and recognise excellence in NSW's Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

The yearly program recognises and rewards individuals and organisations with exceptional achievements, innovation, and commitment to the VET sector, just as a few of our finalists and winners highlighted in the video below.

Why should someone apply for the NSW Training Awards?

There are countless reasons why individuals and teachers should put themselves forward for the program. The awards offer a unique opportunity to recognise and validate one's achievements. By entering the awards, nominees can showcase their skills, knowledge, and dedication to their trade or vocation; the program can boost their self-esteem and motivate them to continue pursuing their passions and improving their skills.

Entering the program has a significant impact on the sector. It shines a spotlight on the best and brightest in the industry, inspiring others to strive for excellence and raising awareness of the important role that VET plays in the state and national economy.

The NSW Training Awards also offer a valuable opportunity for networking and professional development. By attending the awards ceremony and participating in related events, individuals and teachers can connect with other professionals in their field, learn about the latest trends and innovations, and build new relationships to help them advance their careers.

By putting themselves forward for an award, individuals and teachers take a spirited step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves to reach new heights. Whether or not they win an award, the process of preparing an application and going through the selection process can help them reflect on their achievements, identify areas of growth, and develop new skills that will serve them well in the future.

So, if you are passionate about your sector and believe you have what it takes to become a NSW Training Awards ambassador, take the leap and reach out to your Training Provider, employers, or career adviser and ask them to nominate you before 19th March, which is when applications will close.

Who knows, you might surprise yourself with how far you can go!

The caretaker period of the NSW state election starts on 3rd March 2023. Thereby the applications for the 2023 program won’t be extended like in previous years.

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